Groups: Latest

The Computational Ecohydrology Group develops and explores solutions in a diverse range of topics, including data visualization and social and environmental modeling.

Our group is developing computational models to understand heart diseases and their treatments.

Our research interests lie in all aspects of micro / nano sciences and technologies.

The main focus for the Plasmas and Nanomaterials Lab has been focused on plasma-based synthesis of functional nanocrystals, vapor phase processing and gas-phase deposition techniques.

We apply engineering techniques and principles to the human body.  Our work includes in vivo experimentation, methods development, modeling, and device development.

Our work involves creating new user friendly methods for monitoring of water, wastewater, and biofluids.

Members of the Electromagnetics Research Group (EMRG) conduct research across a broad range of topics, both fundamental and applied.

Our goal is to save lives, protect the nation, and sustain the economy by diagnosing infectious diseases early, rapidly, inexpensively, and simply through point-of-care field-operable nanoparticle-based biosensors.

Our interests are in the interdisciplinary field of membrane separations and include both membrane materials and membrane processes.

The mission of this research group has been to develop innovative integrated circuit and microsystem approaches that enable a bridging between novel nano/micro-sensor technologies and high impact biomedical and environmental applications.

Plasma and Microfabrication Processes, Plasma Systems and Coating Materials. Plasma and Microfabrication Processes include chemical and physical vapor deposition processes that involve plasma sources to achieve optimal coating properties.

To develop sustainable waste-to-resource solutions to address current and future waste utilization challenges.