Thermodynamic Properties Laboratory Support Equipment

The 860 square feet of laboratory space is dedicated to thermodynamic characterization, phase behavior, and separations and is shared between the Thermodynamics Properties Laboratory and the Reactive Distillation Facility.

Equipment for Property Characterization
Tanaka MPC-102 Cloud Point Apparatus. Anton-Parr vibrating tube densitometer.

Equipment for Bioprocessing:
Motorized grinder for seeds, pits, etc.; (2) 8 gallon heated hydrolysis stations with high-torque agitators; 2L FSI filter bag housing and fluid circulation loop.

Equipment for Adsorptive and Evaporative Separations:
Adsorption columns up to 2 L in size; fraction collector; 6 ft. long absorption/stripping column; 1 L Yamoto rotary evaporator; 10 L Buchi rotary evaporator, four-inch wiped-film still;

Analytical Equipment:
Perkin-Elmer UV-visible spectrophotometer; Varian 3400 GC with FID and TCD detector and data acquisition system, Gow-Mac GC with TCD detector, HP 5890 GC with FID and TCD detector, HPLC with UV detector; Karl-Fischer titrator for moisture analysis; TLC chromatography;

General Equipment:
Glovebox for air/moisture sensitive manipulations, (2) LCD 2-900mL/min 4000 psi liquid minipumps, (4) Wet-test flowmeters, Ph meters, electronic balances, vacuum pumps, peristaltic pumps, air and water baths, and a vacuum oven.

Special Facilities at MSU:
We have shared access to optical polarizing microscopes, a Malvern Mastersizer for droplet size characterization, and interfacial tension characterization equipment in the Composite Materials and Structure Center at MSU.