Group Projects

Multilayered Structures under Finite Bending

We have developed a semi-analytical solution for finite bending of multilayered rectangular plates. We then investigated the in-plane and out-of-plane bifurcation modes correlated with this highly non-linear stress state.

Computational Modeling of Human Descending Thoracic Aorta

We focused on finite element simulations that support a new hypothesis for the initiation of aortic dissections that is motivated by extensive histopathological observations.

Coupling of Analytical and Computational Model to Understand Aortic Mechanic

We used two complementary biomechanical modelling approaches—a mechanistic mixture-based finite-element model, and a phenomenological continuum-based semi-analytic model—to illustrate these potentially good, bad and ugly roles of medial GAGs/PGs in large arteries.

Using mathematics to understand cancer growth

We will investigate the mechanisms that relate the mechanical environment to the biological process of growth associated with melanoma and we will develop a model of healthy skin and its adaptive remodeling.