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Latest News

  • Bush Lab

    Sam Leitkam and Tamara Bush, had a paper published by the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering.  This is the second paper featuring research on hand modeling and function.  The focus of this paper is the comparison of the functional work space between individuals with arthritis of the hand and healthy individuals.

    S Leitkam, TR Bush. Comparison between Healthy and Arthritic Hand Function Using Ranges of Motion and a Weighted Fingertip Space Model. ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 2014. doi 10.1115/1.4029215

    The initial online pre-print version can be found:

  • Bush Lab

    Jessica was one of four undergraduates selected from students across MSU's campus to be featured in a video highlighting undergraduate research at the University.  On November 25th, Jessica was interviewed and filmed in the Biomechanical Design Research Laboratory.  She talked about her experience in the lab, her research on spinal kinematics, and the implications her work has on society.  As soon as the video is complete, we will post a link to it here!