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Our group is developing computational models to understand heart diseases and their treatments.

Recent Projects

Research News

Shavik's paper entitled "Organ‐level validation of a cross‐bridge cycling descriptor in a left ventricular finite element model: effects of ventricular loading on myocardial strains" has been published in the Physiological Reports.
Papers Acceptance
Craig presented his work on "Pulmonary arterial modeling and mechanics" at the 2017 Mid-Michigan Symposium for Undergraduate Research Experiences (Mid-SURE)
A postdoctoral position is available
The CBL Lab recently hosted a class entitled "Experiences in Cardiovascular Mechanics" for the Grandparent University at MSU. Thanks to the student instructors Craig, Ce, Shavik, Sreekar, Kali for a job well done!
Shavik presented his poster entitled "Myocyte-collagen interaction in the heart: An experimentally-guided modeling study" at the recent 2017 SB3C meeting