Latest Research Groups

A Center of Excellence in the research and design of composite structures for lightweight, durable, and safe vehicles for air, ground, and marine transportation.

The Computational Ecohydrology Group develops and explores solutions in a diverse range of topics, including data visualization and social and environmental modeling within three labs, Decision Support and Informatics Lab, Environmental Modeling Lab, and Sustainable Ecosystem Modeling Lab.

CANVAS research is concentrated on several key areas, including traditional radars, laser radars (lidars), computer software, and development of artificial intelligence algorithms that allow a vehicle to maneuver in its environment.

Members of the Electromagnetics Research Group (EMRG) conduct research across a broad range of topics, both fundamental and applied.

Trees represent some of the most valuable plants in landscapes and nurseries. Trees are often valued in the $10,000's whether property value or removal costs are considered. We, as humans, often unknowingly and unintentionally, do things which threaten their very existence.