Latest Research Groups

Our current research interests are the structure, dynamics, and mechanics of soft materials under complex external envrionment and under external perturbation. Specific topics are of great interest are (i) the surface and interface phenomena, including polymer nanocomposites and polymer-polymer… more

In our group, we leverage polymer physics and chemistry to design, synthesize, characterize, and optimize materials that overcome engineering challenges in the broad areas of energy, environment, and health. We take a holistic approach to materials design; we develop and utilize novel… more

At the Materials Simulation for Clean Energy (MSCE) Lab, we develop multi-scale simulations methods to design materials atom by atom.

Our research interests lie in all aspects of micro / nano sciences and technologies.

Our research focuses on combining plasma science with materials processing to facilitate the exploration of advanced functional coatings, next generation electro-optical devices, and energy storage devices.